The basic idea behind upcycling is to create useful things from waste by repurposing the materials, we use old coins that are out of circulation, and we reimagine & repurpose them to transform them into cufflinks & pendants, adding value and quality.

There are a tremendous amount of benefits to upcycling and it is definitely something we pride ourselves on.

Here at worldcoincufflinks,
We love the idea of giving an old item a new lease on life– as well as its huge environmental benefits it also adds a unique, one of a kind feeling to our products.

We start off by cleaning the coin to make sure they are shining and ready for our customers. We tumble the coins, using walnut seeds, washing up liquid, water and peak and leave them for around 48 hours, we then pat the coins dry and leave them out for another 24 hours, to ensure there are no watermarks left on the coins. Although these coins are seemingly shiny and new, there will always be that unique connection to the past.

The nostalgia surrounding these old coins is something our customers adore and they often serve as a reminder of happy times and sentimental memories, for example their childhood, the birth of their child or even the year they got married.

We feel our coin jewellery is creative and innovative, while we are revamping these coins into a modern piece of jewellery there is still an indisputable element of nostalgia connected to them which makes it easy to feel the beautiful history behind them.

We love taking our customers on a trip down memory lane with our handmade items all the while being as environmentally friendly as possible.