We wanted to give an update on US Birthday Cufflinks about who we are and our services as you have been kind enough to stop by our website.

www.birthdaycufflinks.com was set up to provide handmade US 10 cent Coin Cufflinks by year for people who wanted to celebrate a year or give a gift to a loved one for a Birthday, Anniversary Gift.

We take genuine US 10 cent coins and tumble in our washer and then hand polish the coins to bring them back to former glory, this is the process for many of the coins which are 30+ years old. For coins pre 1964, they contain silver and the same as your family silverware can tarnish over time.

We ensure our customers receive a set of Cufflinks in a presentation box.

We have stock in several distribution centres in the US for faster delivery and can post the Cufflinks out within 6-7 days, however if you really need them in a hurry, we can get them shipped to you within 3 business days, just reach out to us in the CONTACT US section.

For more recent years, we will to purchase bank roles of the 10 cent coins, which mean the coins are in perfect condition as they have not been in public ciculation.

An example would be the 2009 10 cent Cufflinks which this year will be used for the 10 Year wedding anniversary, the 10th symbol for marriage is 'tin' and we think the coins from 2009 represent a perfect gift.

All of our Cufflinks come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we have shops on ETSY and US Amazon under the name Worldcoincufflinks

Both shops have 5 star feedback with over 5000+ sales, any stock you purchase on this website is the same as the listings on ETSY and Amazon.

Enjoy your purchase,


Maura Reynolds

World Coin Cufflinks 

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Men