Hi all, 

Nowadays, we are surrounded by all things technological and with the recent advancements in the likes of internet banking, contactless payments and payment by smartphones we are seeing more and more cashless transactions meaning fewer people are carrying actual hard cash.


These technological developments and the growing use of contactless payments are set to continue over the coming years suggesting we are getting closer and closer to living in a cashless society.


This is why the team here at World Coin Cufflinks think that now, more than ever, is the best time to invest in one of our products, be it a set of our high-quality cufflinks or one of our gorgeous pendants. A world without coins is looking like a real possibility so our cufflinks and pendants will be a fantastic gift in years to come, a piece of memorabilia.


Coins are soon to be a thing of the past, so our products will be a great way to remember our childhood days, when you’d get a few coins here and there for your pocket money and you’d spend the day dreaming of what you could buy.


If you’re looking for a gift with meaning and sentiment behind it – our cufflinks and pendants are definitely the right choice.