US 10 Cent Cufflinks


40th Birthday Gift.The cufflinks are made from the US 10 cent coins, featuring the chosen year.

The year on the coin you receive will be the specific year of the listing

These cufflinks are made from coins that were manufactured 1979

Below is a list of some of the main events from 1979

Born that year were

Kate Hudson (Actress)
Johnny Wilkinson (Rugby Player)
Catherine Zeta Jones (Actress)

Inventions in 1979 included

Cell phones
Roller blades

Also that year

USSR Invades Afghanistan
Margaret Thatcher elected Prime minister in UK
Severe Atlantic Storm hits Fastnet International Yacht Race and a number of boats and crew are lost
In the US due to crisis in Iran Oil Prices increase around the world and the public begin panic buying making things worse.
Pope John Paul II arrives on a three-day visit to Ireland. Over one million people attend a Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park in Dublin
Dubliner Eamonn Coghlan breaks the world indoor mile record. He clocks 3 minutes 52.6 seconds at a race in San Diego

Cliff Richard 1979