Irish Sixpence Pendant


Perfect 75th Birthday Gift. 1945 Irish Sixpence coin. This pendant is made from genuine old Irish Sixpence coins. The coin features the Celtic Harp, the national emblem of Ireland which symbolises the history, culture and heritage of the Emerald Isle. This pendant was made by hand not machine, the coin has been cleaned and hand polished to bring it back to its former glory. The coin is then mounted into the pendant and comes in a beautiful presentation box with a snake chain included. Note: The Sixpence coin is bigger than the threepence coins with a diameter of 21.0mm. You are covered with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The year on the coin you receive will be the specific year of the listing

These cufflinks  are made from coins which were manufactured in the year 1945

Below are some of the main events from 1945

Born this year

Helen Mirren (Actress)
Mia Farrow (Actress)
Tom Selleck (Actor)

Inventions from 1945

Block Heater

Also in 1945

Jan 1st - France joins the UN
Jan 1st - German air raid on allied airports at Eindhoven/Saint-Trond/Brussels
Jan 2nd - Allied air raid on Neurenberg
Jan 2nd - Kentucky begins 130 home basketball game win streak, ends in 1955
Jan 2nd - Radio Orange ends cooperation at Liese-Aktion
Jan 3rd - Allies land on west coast of Burma, conquer Akyab
Jan 3rd - British Premier Winston Churchill visits France
Jan 3rd - Cato-Meridian School, NY, installs germicidal lamps in every room
Jan 3rd - Greek General Plastiras forms government
Jan 3rd - John Patrick's "Hasty Heart," premieres in NYC
Jan 3rd - US aircraft carriers attack Okinawa
Jan 4th - Germans execute resistance fighters in Amsterdam
Jan 4th - US jeep-aircraft carrier Ommaney Bay sinks after kamikaze attack
Jan 5th - Pepe LePew debuts in Warner Bros cartoon "Odor-able Kitty"
Jan 5th - Surprise attack on Liese-Aktion-office on Marnix St, Amsterdam
Jan 7th - Lord Haw-Haw reports total German victory at Ardennen
Jan 8th - "Youth for Christ" organizes
Jan 9th - US soldiers led by Gen Douglas MacArthur invades Philippines
Jan 10th - Baseball writers again fail to elect a new Hall of Famer
WW2 General Douglas MacArthurJan 10th - LA Railway (with 5 streetcar lines) forced to close
Jan 10th - No one is elected to baseball's Hall of Fame
Jan 12th - German forces in Belgium retreat in Battle of Bulge
Jan 12th - US Task Force 38 destroys 41 Jap ships in Battle of South China Sea
Jan 12th - World War II: The Soviets begin a large offensive against the Nazis in Eastern Europe.
Jan 13th - Prokofchev's 5th Symphony premieres in Moscow
Jan 15th - "Make Mine Manhattan" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 429 perfs
Jan 15th - Every Amsterdammer gets 3 kg sugar beets
Jan 15th - Red Army frees Crakow-Plaszow concentration camp
Jan 16th - Scottish 52nd land division/1st Commando brigade-assault at Heinsberg
Jan 16th - US 1st & 3rd army meet at Houffalise
Jan 17th - Auschwitz concentration camp begins evacuation
Jan 17th - Gilbert Dodds, record miler (4:05.3), retires to do gospel work
Jan 17th - Liberation of Warsaw by Soviet troops (end of Nazi occupation)
Jan 17th - Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazis, arrested by secret police in Hungary
Jan 18th - Warsaw freed by Soviet army
Jan 20th - FDR sworn-in for an unprecedented 4th term as president
Jan 20th - Hungary ends its involvement in the Second World War, agreeing to an armistice with the Allies.
Jan 21st - British troops land on Ramree, near coast of Burma
Jan 22nd - Burma highway reopens
Jan 22nd - Heavy US air raid on Okinawa
Jan 23rd - Dutch Premier Gerbrandy, exiled in London, offers his resignation
Jan 23rd - World War II: Karl Dönitz launches Operation Hannibal.
Jan 24th - Scottish 52nd Lowland division occupies Heinsberg
Jan 25th - Dan Topping, Del Webb & Larry MacPhail purchase NY Yanks for $2.8 mil
Jan 25th - Grand Rapids, Michigan becomes 1st US city to fluoridate its water
Jan 25th - Japanese occupiers of Batavia arrest Indo-European youths
Jan 25th - NY Yankees sold by Ruppert estate to Larry MacPhail, Dan Topping, &
Jan 25th - West Africa 82nd division occupies Myohaung, Burma
Jan 26th - Soviet forces reach Auschwitz concentration camp
Jan 27th - Nazi occupiers forbid food transport to West (The Netherlands)
Jan 27th - Russia liberates Auschwitz & Birkenau Concentration Camp (Poland)
Jan 27th - S Romberg, H&D Fields' musical premieres in NYC
Jan 27th - Wally van Hall, "banker in defiance," arrested
Jan 28th - Dutch airplanes dump pamphlets on Java
Jan 28th - Gen "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell & truck convoy reopen Burma Road to China
Jan 28th - Swedish ships bring food to starving Netherlands
Jan 30th - "Wilhelm Gustloff" torpedoed off Danzig by Soviet sub-c 9,400 die
Jan 31st - US 4th Infantry division occupies Elcherrath
Feb 1st - US Army arrives at Siegfriedlinie
Feb 2nd - Escape attempt at Mauthausen concentration camp
Feb 3rd - Almost 1000 Flying Fortresses drop 3000 ton bombs on Berlin
Feb 3rd - Walt Disney's "3 Caballeros" released
Feb 4th - FDR, Churchill & Stalin meet at Yalta
Feb 5th - Big Racket becomes fastest race horse at 69t.6 kph (440 yd/20.8 s)
Feb 5th - British premier Churchill arrives in Yalta, the Krim
Feb 5th - US troops under General Douglas MacArthur enter Manilla
Feb 6th - 8th Air Force bombs Magdeburg/Chemnitz
Feb 6th - Russian Red Army crosses the river Oder
Feb 7th - General Douglas MacArthur returns to Manila
Feb 7th - Harry Truman appoints Irwin C Mollison judge of US Customs Court
Feb 7th - US 76th/5th Infantry divisions begin crossing Sauer
Feb 8th - Allied air attack on Goch/Kleef/Kalkar/Reichswald
Feb 9th - -Feb 10] Germany destroys Ruhrdammen
Feb 9th - WAAF-corporal flies along the tail of a Spitfire
Feb 9th - The Battle of the Atlantic the HMS Venturer sinking U-Boat 864 off the coast of Norway.
Feb 10th - "Rum & Coca Cola" by Andrews Sisters hits #1
Feb 11th - 1st gas turbine propeller-driven airplane flight tested, Downey, CA
Soviet Union Premier Joseph StalinFeb 11th - Yalta agreement signed by FDR, Churchill & Stalin
Feb 12th - SF selected for site of UN Conference
Feb 13th - Allied planes bomb Dresden Germany; 135,000 die
Feb 13th - Gerbrandy British government refuses Dutch Jewish right to buy
Feb 13th - USSR captures Budapest, after 49-day battle with Germany; 159,000 die
Feb 14th - 8th Air Force bombs Dresden
Feb 14th - Peru, Paraguay, Chile & Ecuador joins UN
Feb 14th - World War II: Prague is bombed probably due to a mistake in the orientation of the pilots bombing Dresden.
Feb 14th - World War II: Mostar is liberated by Yugoslav partisans.
Feb 16th - US forces land on Corregidor, complete conquest on March 3
Feb 16th - Venezuela declares war on nazi-Germany
Feb 19th - 30,000 US Marines land on Iwo Jima
Feb 19th - 900 Japanese soldiers reportedly killed by crocodiles in 2 days
Feb 19th - Brotherhood Day-1st celebrated
Feb 19th - US 5th Fleet launches invasion of Iwo Jima against the Japanese
Feb 21st - Archbishop De Jong calls for help with war casualties
Feb 21st - British Army captures Goch
Feb 21st - US 10th Armour division overthrows Orscholz line
Feb 22nd - Arab League froms (Cairo)
Feb 22nd - British troops take Ramree Island, Burma
Feb 22nd - Canadian 3rd Division occupies Moyland
Feb 23rd - 2nd Dutch government of Gerbrandy forms in London
Feb 23rd - Canadian troops occupy Kalkar
Feb 23rd - Operation Grenade: Gen Simpsons 9th Army crosses Ruhr
Feb 23rd - US Marines raise flag on Iwo Jima, famous photo & statue
Feb 24th - Egypt & Syria declares war on nazi-Germany
Feb 24th - Manila freed from Japanese
Feb 24th - Nazi occupiers begin state of siege
Feb 24th - Egyptian Premier Ahmed Maher Pasha is killed in Parliament after reading a decree.
Feb 25th - US aircraft carriers attack Tokyo
Feb 25th - World War II: Turkey declares war on Germany.
Feb 26th - Very heavy bombing on Berlin by 8th US Air Force
Feb 27th - Battle of US 94 Infantry
Feb 27th - Lebanon declares Independence.
Mar 1st - British 43rd Division under Gen Essame occupies Xanten
Mar 1st - Chinese 30th division occupies Hsenwi
Mar 1st - FDR announces success of Yalta Conference
Mar 1st - Fieldmarshal Kesselring succeeds von Rundstedt as commander
Mar 1st - US infantry regiment captures Mönchengladbach
Mar 2nd - 8th Air Force bombs Dresden
Mar 2nd - King Michael of Romania gives in to Communist government
Mar 3rd - Churchill visits Montgomery's headquarter
Mar 3rd - RAF bombing error hits The Hague killing 511
Mar 3rd - Roermond/Venlo Neth, freed
Mar 3rd - US & Philippine forces recaptures Corregidor
Mar 3rd - US 7th Army occupies last part of Westwall
Mar 4th - Finland declares war on nazi-Germany
Queen Elizabeth IIMar 4th - In the United Kingdom, Princess Elizabeth, later to become Queen Elizabeth II, joins the British Army as a driver.
Mar 5th - Allies bombs The Hague, Netherlands
Mar 5th - Generals Eisenhower, Patton & Patch meet in Luneville
Mar 5th - US 7th Army Corps captures Cologne
Mar 5th - US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Gretchen Merrill
Mar 5th - World War II: The "Battle of the Ruhr" begins.
Mar 6th - 117 SD-prisoners executed at Savage Farm
Mar 6th - Assassination attempt on Hihere, SS Police fuhrer Rauter
Mar 6th - Chinese 38th division occupies Lashio
Mar 6th - Erich Honnecker & Erich Hanke flee nazis
Mar 6th - Federico Garcia Lorca's "La Casa," premieres in Buenos Aires
Mar 7th - Cologne taken by allied armies
Mar 7th - US 9th Armoured Division attacks Remagen Germany, crosses Rhine
Mar 7th - Yugoslavia government of Tito forms
Mar 8th - "Kiss Me Kate" opens in Britain
US General George S PattonMar 8th - 53 Amsterdammers executed by nazi occupiers
Mar 8th - International Women's Day is 1st observed
Mar 8th - Phyllis M Daley is 1st black nurse sworn-in as US Navy ensign
Mar 9th - 334 US B-29 Superfortresses attack Tokyo with 120,000 fire bomb
Mar 9th - Japanese proclaim "independence" of Indo-China
Mar 10th - Germany blows-up Wessel Bridge on Rhine
Mar 10th - Japan declares Vietnam Independence
Mar 10th - Patton's 3rd Army makes contact with Hodge's 1st Army
Mar 10th - Tokyo in fire after night time B-29 bombing
Mar 10th - US troops lands on Mindanao
Mar 10th - The Army Air Force firebombs Tokyo, and the resulting firestorm kills more than 100,000 people, mostly civilians.
Mar 11th - 1,000 allied bombers harass Essen, 4,662 ton bombs
Mar 11th - Flemish nazi collaborator Maria Huygens sentenced to death
Mar 12th - 30 Amsterdammers executed by nazi occupiers
Mar 12th - Italy's Communist Party (CPI) calls for armed uprising in Italy
Mar 12th - NY is 1st to prohibit discrimination by race & creed in employment
Mar 12th - USSR returns Transylvania to Romania
Mar 13th - Queen Wilhelmina returns to Netherlands
Mar 13th - Sicherheitsdienst arrest Dutch resistance fighter Henry Werkman
Mar 14th - RAF bomb cuts railway link Hannover-Hamm
Mar 15th - 17th Academy Awards - "Going my Way," Bing Cosby & Ingrid Bergman win
Mar 15th - Bert Shepard (1 legged WW II vet) tries out as a pitcher for Senators
Mar 15th - Billboard publishes its 1st album chart (King Cole Trio is #1)
Mar 15th - Catholic University of Nijmegen reopens
Mar 15th - Dodgers open spring training at Bear Mountain NY
Mar 16th - Allies secure Iwo Jima
Mar 16th - Würzburg, Germany is 90% destroyed, with 5,000 dead, in only 20 minutes by British bombers.
Mar 17th - Allied ships bomb North-Sumatra
Mar 18th - 1,250 US bombers attacks Berlin
Mar 18th - Maurice "Rocket" Richard becomes the 1st NHLer to score 50 goals
Actress Ingrid BergmanMar 18th - US Task Force 58 attacks targets on Kiushu
Mar 19th - 800 killed as Kamikaze attacked USS Franklin off Japan
Mar 19th - Adolf Hitler issues Nero Decree to destroy all German factories
Mar 19th - British 36th division conquers Mogok (ruby mine)
Mar 19th - US Task Force 58 attacks ships near Kobe/Kure
Mar 20th - US 70th Infantry division/7th Armour division attack Saar
Mar 21st - 1st Japanese flying bombs (ochas) attack Okinawa
Mar 21st - During WW II Allied bombers begin 4-day raid over Germany
Mar 21st - Dutch Resistance fighter Hannie Schaft arrested by Nazi police
Mar 22nd - Arab League forms with adoption of a charter in Cairo Egypt
Mar 22nd - US 3rd Army crosses Rhine at Nierstein
Mar 23rd - British 7th Black Watch crosses the Rhine
Mar 23rd - Largest operation in Pacific war, 1,500 US Navy ships bomb Okinawa
Mar 23rd - Premier Churchill visits Montgomery's headquarter in Straelen
Mar 24th - Gen Eisenhower, Montgomery & Bradley discuss advance in Germany
Mar 24th - Largest one-day airborne drop, 600 transports & 1300 gliders
Mar 24th - Operation Varsity: British, US & Canadian airborne landings E of Rhine
Mar 24th - US minesweepers reach Kerama Retto, South coast of Okinawa
Mar 25th - US 1st army breaks out bridgehead near Remagen
Mar 25th - US 4th Armored div arrives at Hanau & Aschaffenburg
Mar 25th - US Northern Tractor Flotilla departs Ulithi to Okinawa
Mar 26th - British premier Churchill looks over at the Rhine (near Ginsberg)
Mar 26th - De Paul wins NIT basketball championship, George Mikan scores 34
US General George S PattonMar 26th - Generals Eisenhower/Bradley/Patton attack at Remagen the Rhine
Mar 26th - Japanese resistance ends on Iwo Jima
Mar 26th - Kamikaze attack on US battle fleet near Kerama Retto
Mar 26th - US 7th Army crosses Rhine at Worms
Mar 26th - Venray soccer team forms
Mar 27th - 7th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Oklahoma State beats NYU 49-44
Mar 27th - British premier Churchill sails to eastern banks of Rhine
Mar 27th - DePaul beats Bowling Green for NIT title
Mar 27th - Ella Fitzgerald & Delta Rhythm Boys record "It's Only a Paper Moon"
Mar 27th - Gen Eisenhower declares German defenses on Western Front broken
Mar 27th - Iwo Jima occupied, after 22,000 Japanese & 6,000 US killed
Mar 27th - US 20th Army corps captures Wiesbaden
Mar 27th - World War II: Operation Starvation, the aerial mining of Japan's ports and waterways begins.
Mar 28th - Last German V-1 (buzz bomb) attack on London
Mar 29th - World War II: Last day of V-1 flying bomb attacks on England.
Jazz Singer Ella FitzgeraldMar 30th - 289 anti-fascists murdered by nazis in Rombergpark Dortmund
Mar 30th - USSR invades Austria during WW II
Mar 30th - World War II: a defecting German pilot delivers a Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 to Americans.
Mar 31st - 3rd Algerian division crosses the Rhine
Mar 31st - Sicherheitsdienst murders 10 political prisoners in Zutphen
Mar 31st - Tennessee Williams' "Glass Menagerie," premieres in NYC
Mar 31st - US artillery lands on Keise Shima/begins firing on Okinawa
Apr 1st - 1st edition of Indonesia Merdeka publishes
Apr 1st - Canadian troop free Doetinchem, Enschede, Borculo & Eibergen
Apr 1st - Ruhrgebied sealed off by US 1st & 9th army
Apr 1st - Sons of Elburger Soccer team forms in Elburg
Apr 1st - US forces invade Okinawa during WW II
Apr 2nd - 1st US units reach east coast of Okinawa
Apr 2nd - Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Brazil are established.
Apr 3rd - Hengelo freed from nazi control by Canadian army
Playwright Tennessee WilliamsApr 3rd - Nazi's begin evacuation of camp Buchenwald
Apr 3rd - US 1st army conquers Hofgeismar
Apr 4th - Hungary liberated from Nazi occupation (National Day)
Apr 4th - US forces liberated the Nazi death camp Ohrdruf in Germany
Apr 4th - US tanks/infantry conquer Bielefeld
Apr 5th - Almelo Netherlands freed
Apr 5th - Kuniaki Koiso resigns as PM of Japan; replaced by Kantaro Suzuki
Apr 6th - Coevorden freed from nazis
Apr 6th - Japanese giant battleship Yamato heads to Okinawa
Apr 6th - Massive kamikaze-attack on US battle fleet near Okinawa
Apr 6th - US marines explore Tsugen Shima near Okinawa
Apr 7th - 1st & last assault of German Rammkommando on US bombers
Apr 7th - US B-17's bombs range at Luneburg
Apr 7th - US planes intercept Japanese fleet heading for Okinawa on a suicide superbattleship Yamato & four destroyers were sunk
Apr 8th - Nazi occupiers executed, Nazi general Christiansen flees Netherlands
Apr 9th - Battleship Admiral Scheer sunk by RAF bombing in Kiel
Apr 9th - Liberty ship at Bari Italy carrying aerial bombs explodes, kills 360
Apr 9th - NFL requires players to wear long stockings
Apr 9th - World War II: The Battle of Königsberg, in East Prussia, ends.
Apr 10th - Allies liberate 1st Nazi concentration camp, Buchenwald (Czech)
Apr 10th - Canadian troops conquer Deventer
Apr 10th - General Blaskowitz becomes nazi leader of "Fort Holland"
Apr 10th - German troops attack Ijsselbrug
Apr 10th - NFL's Boston Yanks & Brooklyn Tigers merge
Apr 10th - US troops land on Tsugen Shima Okinawa
Apr 10th - US troops liberate Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald, Germany
Apr 10th - William Schuman & Antony Tudors ballet premieres in NYC
Apr 11th - Allied troops liberate Basket-Compascuum
Apr 11th - SS burns & shoots 1,100 at Gardelegen
Apr 11th - US captures Tsugen Shima
Apr 11th - US soldiers liberate Nazi concentration camp "Buchenwald"
Apr 11th - US troops conquers Mulheim, Oberhausen, Bochum, Unna, Essen
Apr 12th - Canadian troops liberate Nazi concentration camp Westerbork, Neth
33rd US President Harry TrumanApr 12th - Harry Truman sworn in as 33rd pres
Apr 12th - Richard Strauss completes his "Metamorphosis"
Apr 12th - US liberates Buchenwald concentration camp
Apr 13th - Canadian army liberates Teuge & Assen Neth from Nazis
Apr 13th - Red Army occupy Wien (Vienna)
Apr 13th - US marines conquer Minna Shima off Okinawa
Apr 14th - American planes bombed Tokyo & damaged the Imperial Palace
Apr 14th - Arnhem/Zwolle freed from nazis
Apr 14th - US 7th Army & allies forces captured Nuremberg & Stuttgart in Germany
Apr 14th - US forces conquered Motobu peninsula on Okinawa
Apr 14th - US marines attack Yae Take on Okinawa
Apr 15th - British Army liberates Nazi concentration camp, Bergen-Belsen
Apr 15th - FDR buried on grounds of Hyde Park home
Apr 15th - Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Communium interpretes dolorum
Apr 15th - US troops occupy concentration camp Colditz
Apr 16th - German troops in Groningen surrender
Apr 16th - Red Army begins Battle of Berlin
Apr 16th - US troops enter Nuremberg, Germany, during WW II
Apr 16th - US troops land on He Shima Okinawa
Apr 17th - 8th Air Force bombs Dresden
Apr 17th - German occupiers flood Wieringermeer Neth
Italian Dictator Benito MussoliniApr 17th - Benito Mussolini flees from Salò to Milan
Apr 17th - US troops lands in Mindanao
Apr 18th - 1 armed outfielder, St L Brown Pete Gray, 1st game he goes 1 for 4
Apr 18th - Epe freed (by corporal G van Aken)
Apr 18th - Clandestine Radio 1212, after broadcasting pro-nazi propoganda for months used their influence to trap 350,000 German army group B troops
Apr 18th - Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Bolivia are established.
Apr 19th - 49th Boston Marathon won by John A Kelley of Mass in 2:30:40.2
Apr 19th - Rodgers & Hammerstein musical "Carousel" opens on Broadway
Apr 19th - US aircraft carrier Franklin heavy damaged in Japanese air raid
Apr 19th - US offensive against Shuri-barrier on Okinawa
Apr 19th - The diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Guatemala are established.
Apr 20th - Cleveland Browns organization formed by Arthur "Mickey" McBride
Apr 20th - German occupiers flood Beemster & Fencer
Apr 20th - Soviet troops enter Berlin
Apr 20th - US 7th army captured German city of Nuremberg
Apr 20th - US forces conquer Motobu peninsula on Okinawa
Apr 21st - Allied troops occupy German nuclear laboratory
Apr 21st - He Shima Okinawa conquered in 5 days, 5,000 die
Apr 21st - Ivor Nivello's "Perchance to Dream," premieres in London
Apr 21st - Russia army arrives at outskirts of Berlin
Apr 21st - US 7th Army occupies Neurenberg
Apr 22nd - Concentration Camp at Sachsenhausen liberated
Apr 22nd - Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 3
Apr 23rd - Concentration camp Flossenburg liberated
Apr 23rd - US troops in Italy cross river Po
Apr 24th - Albert B "Happy" Chandler is named 2nd baseball commissioner
Apr 24th - Delegates of 46 countries gather in SF (to discuss UN)
Apr 25th - 45 countries convene UN Conference on Intl Organization in SF
Apr 25th - Allied air raid on Surabaja, Java
Apr 25th - British troops reach Grebbe line Neth
Apr 25th - Clandestine Radio 1212, used to hoax Nazi Germany's final transmission
Apr 25th - Last Boeing B-17 attack against Nazi Germany
Apr 25th - Red army completely surrounds Berlin
Apr 25th - US & Soviet forces meet at Torgau Germany on Elbe River
Apr 26th - Marshal Henri Philippe Petain, leader of France's Vichy collaborationist regime during WW II, arrested for treason
Apr 26th - World War II: Battle of Bautzen - last successful German tank-offensive of the war and last noteworthy victory of the Wehrmacht.
Apr 27th - 2nd Republic of Austria forms
Apr 27th - Italian partisans capture Benito Mussolini prisoner
Apr 27th - US 5th army enters Genua
Apr 27th - World War II: The Völkischer Beobachter, the newspaper of the Nazi Party, ceases publication.
Apr 28th - British commands attack Elbe & occupies Lauenburg
Apr 28th - US 5th army reaches Swiss border
Apr 29th - 1st food drop by RAF above nazi-occupied Holland (operation Manna)
Italian Dictator Benito MussoliniApr 29th - Japanese army evacuates Rangoon
Apr 29th - Terms of surrender of German armies in Italy signed
Apr 29th - US liberates 31,601 in Nazi concentration camp in Dachau Germany
Apr 29th - Venice & Mestre were captured by the Allies
Apr 30th - "Arthur Godfrey Time" begins a 27 year run on CBS radio
Apr 30th - Concentration camp Munchen-Allag freed
Apr 30th - Lord Haw-Haw calls for crusade against the bolsheviks
Apr 30th - Red Army occupies Demmin
Apr 30th - Red Army opens attack on German Reichstag building in Berlin
Apr 30th - Russian Army frees Ravensbruck concentration camp
Apr 30th - US troops attack the Elbe
May 1st - 900 occupiers of Demmin Vorpommeren, commit suicide
May 1st - Admiral Karl Doenitz forms German government
May 1st - Australian & Dutch troops lands on Tarakan
May 1st - General Belgian Labor Union (ABVV) party forms
May 1st - Radio Budapest, Hungary re-enters shortwave broadcasting after WW II
May 1st - Seys-Inquart flees to Flensburg
May 1st - Soviet army reach Rostock
May 2nd - Allies occupy Wismar
May 2nd - Dutch Queen Wilhelmina & Princess Juliana reach Gilze-Rijen
May 2nd - German Army in Italy surrenders
May 2nd - Russia takes Berlin; General Weidling surrenders
May 2nd - Yugoslav troops occupy Trieste
May 3rd - 1st Polish armour brigade occupies Wilhelmshafen
May 3rd - Allies arrests German nuclear physics Werner Heisenberg
May 3rd - British troop join in Rangoon
May 3rd - German ship "Cap Arcona" sinks in East Sea, 5,800 killed
May 4th - German troops in Netherlands, Denmark & Norway surrender
May 5th - Mauthausen Concentration camp liberated
May 5th - Netherlands & Denmark liberated from Nazi control
May 5th - Uprising against SS-occupying troops in Prague
May 5th - Premier Gerbrandy on Radio Orange tells Dutch they are liberated
May 5th - World War II: Admiral Karl Dönitz, leader of Germany after Hitler's death, orders all U-boats to cease offensive operations and return to their bases.
May 6th - Gen J Blaskowitz surrenders German troops in Netherlands
May 6th - World War II: Axis Sally delivers her last propaganda broadcast to Allied troops (first was on December 11, 1941).
May 7th - Branch Rickey announces formation of the US Negro Baseball League
May 7th - British troops pull into Utrecht Neth
May 7th - Formal undertaking of complete German surrender
May 7th - Mauthausen Concentration Camp liberated
May 7th - Nazi generals Jodl & Von Friedenburg surrender
May 7th - Princess Irene Brigade moves into the Hague Neth
May 7th - Pulitzer prize awarded to John Hersey (Bell for Adano)
May 7th - SS open fire on crowd in Amsterdam, killing 22
May 8th - Canadian troops move into Amsterdam
May 8th - Chinese counter attack at Tsjangte, supports by 14th air fleet
May 8th - Gen Von Keitel surrenders to Marshal Zhukov
May 8th - V-E Day; Germany signs unconditional surrender, WW II ends in Europe
May 9th - Czechoslovakia liberated from Nazi occupation (Natl Day)
May 9th - Jersey liberated from nazis
May 9th - Nazi propagandist Max Blokzijl arrested
May 9th - New balata ball used in baseball, 50% livilier
May 9th - Norwegian nazi collaborators Vidkun Quisling arrested
May 9th - Victory celebration at Red Square
May 9th - World War II: Partisans liberate Ljubljana.
May 9th - World War II: Hermann Göring is captured by the United States Army.
May 9th - World War II: The Soviet Union marks Victory Day.
May 9th - World War II: The Channel Islands are formally liberated by the British.
May 10th - Allies capture Rangoon from the Japanese
May 10th - Russian troops occupied Prague
May 11th - US marines conquer Awatsha Draw Okinawa
May 13th - US troops conquer Dakeshi Okinawa
May 14th - Kamikaze-Zero strikes US aircraft carrier Enterprise
May 14th - US offensive on Okinawa, Sugar Loaf conquered
May 15th - World War II: The final skirmish in Europe is fought near Prevalje, Slovenia.
May 16th - Violent battles around Sugar Loaf/Half Moon Okinawa
May 17th - 2 US P-47 Thunderbolts bomb Kiushu
May 18th - Tigers & A's both have 7 straight games postponed due to rain
May 19th - Start of the 1st Victory Test Cricket between England & Aust Services
May 20th - Keith Miller scores 105 in the 1st Victory Test Cricket at Lord's
May 21st - Aust Services win 1st Victory Test Cricket at Lord's by 6 wickets
May 21st - German war criminal Heinrich Himmler captured
May 21st - Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart wed
May 22nd - 6th Marine division reaches suburbs of Naha Okinawa
May 22nd - NSB-Fuhrer Rost van Tonningen attempts & fails at suicide
May 23rd - British milt police arrest Admiral Karl Doenitz
May 23rd - German island of Helgoland in North Sea surrenders to British
May 23rd - Heinrich Himmler, German Nazi leader & Gestapo leader, commits suicide in prison at 44
May 23rd - Lord Haw-Haw arrested at Danish boundary
May 25th - Arthur C Clark proposes relay satellites in geosynchronous orbit
May 26th - US drop fire bombs on Tokyo
May 29th - US 1st Marine division conquerors Shuri-castle Okinawa
Jun 1st - WLB-AM in Minneapolis Minn changes call letters to KUOM
Jun 4th - 6th Marine division occupies Orokoe Peninsula Okinawa
Jun 4th - US, Russia, England & France agree to split occupied Germany
Jun 5th - Opera "Peter Grimes of Benjamin Britten," premieres in London
Jun 5th - USA, UK, USSR, France declare supreme authority over Germany
Jun 6th - "Free People" premieres in Amsterdam
Jun 9th - "Gruesome Twosome," premieres in USA
Jun 9th - -10] Australian troops lands in Brunei Bay North-Borneo
Jun 9th - 71st Kentucky Derby: Eddie Arcaro aboard Hoop Jr wins in 2:07
Jun 9th - Following an 8-7 win over the Phils, Brooklyn manager Leo Durocher is arrested on a complaint by a fan that Durocher slugged him
Jun 10th - US destroyer William D Porter ("Willie Dee") sunk by kamikaze
Jun 12th - US 7th Marine regiment conquer summit of Kunishi Ridge, Okinawa
Jun 13th - Heerjansdam soccer team forms
Jun 13th - Orokoe peninsula Okinawa captured, with 6,000 dead
Jun 15th - ANJV established in Concert building, Amsterdam
Jun 15th - Dutch political party ANJV forms
Jun 16th - 71st Preakness: Wayne D Wright aboard Polynesian wins in 1:58.8
Jun 16th - Boo Ferriss loses to Yanks 3-2 after starting his career with 8 wins
Jun 17th - Day of Unity in West Germany (National Day)
Jun 18th - William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) Brit radio traitor charged with treason
Jun 21st - US defeat Japanese forces on Okinawa during WW II
Jun 23rd - 77th Belmont: Eddie Arcaro aboard Pavot wins in 2:30.2
Jun 23rd - Last organized Japanese defiance broken (Tarakan)
Jun 24th - Schermerhorn government forms
Jun 24th - The Moscow Victory Parade takes place.
Jun 25th - Allied landing at Ternate Molukkas
Jun 25th - Imperial General Headquarters in Tokyo announce fall of Okinawa
Jun 26th - England win the second Victory test cricket at Bramall Lane by 41 runs
Jun 26th - UN Charter signed by 50 nations in SF
Jun 27th - Foundation 1940-45 established
Jun 28th - Polish Provisional government of National Unity set up by Soviets
Jun 29th - 20.6 cm rainfall at Litchville North Dakota (state record)
Jun 29th - Ruthenia, formerly in Czechoslovakia, becomes part of Ukrainian SSR
Jun 29th - Carpathian Ruthenia was annexed by Soviet Union.
Jun 30th - 17-day newspaper strike in NY begins
Jul 1st - 1st of the superstars returns from the WW II, Hank Greenberg homers
Jul 1st - 55th Postmaster General: Robert E Hannegan of Mo takes office
Jul 1st - Allies troop land on Balikpapan
Jul 5th - Labour Party wins British parliamentary election
Jul 5th - World War II: Liberation of the Philippines declared.
Jul 6th - Nicaragua becomes 1st nation to formally accept UN Charter
Jul 6th - Harry Truman signs executive order establishing Medal of Freedom
Jul 6th - Wash Senator Rick Ferrell catches a record 1,722 games
Jul 10th - Lt-adm Marc Mitscher named chief of US Navy staff
Jul 12th - Cubs stop Braves Tommy Holmes modern-day NL hitting streak at 37 games
Jul 14th - Battleship USS South Dakota is 1st US ship to bombard Japan
Jul 15th - 27th PGA Championship: Byron Nelson at Morraine CC Dayton Ohio
Jul 16th - 1st test detonation of an atomic bomb, Trinity Site